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CBD Dog Products

Where dog parents find peace.
Relaxation Support for Dogs

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Common Anxious Moments For Your Dog

Thunderstorms. Fireworks. Car Rides. Training. New Environments. Dog Walks. Separation. Grooming. Aches.

CBD Dog Treats

June 22, 2023

When I adopted my dog from the shelter she was often anxious and jumpy. These treats made such a difference in helping her stay calm as we adjusted to being around each other. A lifesaver!

- M.K. | PAWS Customer

CBD Products for Dogs

August 10, 2021

We love using this for our pup. It seems to be the only tincture/oil that we have found that gives him any sort of relief or calmness. (He's a 65 lb lab/staffy mix-- high energy with separation anxiety) Also he LOVES it. 

- Jennifer B. | PAWS Customer


A Message from PAWS CEO

Tune into CEO, Danielle Gray hare more about PAWS and how and why dog parents use the relaxation support products.

PAWS Chill Treats
Relaxation Support for Dogs

  • 20 MG per Treat

  • Almond Butter Flavor

  • Full Spectrum

  • Plant Based

  • 20 treats in Each Bag

  • Best for Small to Large Dogs 

  • Works within 30 minutes

CBD Dog Treats for Anxious Dogs
CBD Drops for Dogs

Relaxation Support Drops
Tincture for Dogs

  • Available in 250MG + 500MG

  • Full Spectrum

  • Plant Based

  • 250MG Best for Smaller Dogs

  • 500MG for Medium to Large Dogs 

  • Works within 30 minutes

Happy Dog
CBD Products for Dogs
A Happy dog - side profile

The well-being of dogs and their parents are intrinsically linked.
Our commitment extends beyond crafting exceptional products for dogs; it encompasses a holistic approach to fostering the health and happiness of both dogs and dog parents.

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Chill Treats Relaxation Support for Anxious Dogs
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